Growth & Diversification Plan

While the origins for the economic challenges facing the Commonwealth of Virginia and its citizens often vary by region, the harsh actuality of the difficulties is undisputed. GO Virginia was established as an important tool to help regions tailor solutions to their unique economic situations with the ultimate goal of creating additional higher-paying jobs in a sustainable environment, improving the economic situation and outlook for all Virginians.

The Region One Growth and Diversification Plan identifies and prioritizes economic opportunities, needs and challenges facing the region and is designed to assist the regional council in evaluating which potential projects best address the identified priorities. It outlines the needed enhancements where GO Virginia grant funds may support collaborative programs between at least two or more localities that will lead to the creation of higher paying jobs. This plan guides the regional council’s work to develop talent pipelines, grow existing businesses, encourage the entrepreneurial activity of the region and advance joint site and infrastructure development.

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Developed through a collaborative process, the 2019 Region One Growth and Diversification Plan represents an update to the original plan released in 2017, providing adjusted priorities in some areas as well as an evaluation of progress and challenges encountered over the past two years. Industry sectors in Region One that have the best potential to grow and create higher paying jobs remain the same as introduced in the 2017 plan. These include advanced manufacturing, agriculture and food/beverage manufacturing, information and emerging technologies, and energy and minerals. Region One’s growth strategies also remain relatively the same with minor updates to streamline strategies with the GO Virginia State Board. The strategy framework includes talent development, sites and infrastructure, and innovation and scale up support.


Target Industries

· Advanced Manufacturing

· Agriculture and Food and Beverage Manufacturing

· Information and Emerging Technologies

· Energy and Minerals



· Talent Development

· Sites and Infrastructure

· Innovation and Scale Up Support


All GO Virginia Region One proposals must align with the Region One Growth and Diversification Plan. The Plan will serve as a guide to applicants in identifying actionable grant requests.